At Unified Foods, quality has always been the key to our success. We have over 30 years of technical expertise and knowledge. Our processing plants use the latest technologies to assure the highest quality attainable within our industry. All products are monitored through each stage of processing, from planting to final packaging. This allows us to maintain control and, more importantly, traceability to assure our customers of safe, consistent products.

Technical Advantage
We strive to use the latest technology to make sure you receive the purest ingredients possible. We have inline X-ray and laser sorter machines. The Intellesense X-ray can see inside the product and detect micro-sized foreign objects such as metal, stone, glass, and high density plastic. The Optyx laser sorter combines precision laser sorting with color cameras to identify foreign material such as rocks, insects and other debris. This machine also identifies off color pieces and sizing defects. Magnet bars, grids, and cylinders are placed at all stages of processing and finally electronic metal detection is performed prior to packaging.

Safety and Responsibility
Our facilities undergo annual 3rd party audits. These audits cover all aspects of our operations from quality and safety to social responsibility. We are AIB, BRC and ISO22000 certified, which includes meeting all GFSI (Global Standard for Food Safety) requirements. All Unified Foods products are Kosher certified. We have fully implemented and certified HACCP programs and GMP’s. In addition we are compliant with the SMETA 4 Pillars audit (Social Responsibility) which assures our customers that we meet high ethical standards as well as complying with all labor, safety and environmental laws.