Why Choose Unified

1. High Quality Products    
Our manufacturing facilities have fully equipped laboratories for quality control. Testing is done throughout processing and then again upon receiving into inventory.

2. Competitive Pricing 
We are generally able to sell at a lower price because we do not have the overhead of larger companies.

3. Personal Attention 
We always deal with each of our customers’ needs on an individual basis.

4. 24-hour Turnaround 
We provide all-the-time 24-hour turnaround.

5. Inventory
We carry a full line of Dehydrated Vegetables, all stored in temperature controlled warehouses.

6. Convenience
Warehouses strategically located in Southern California, Texas. and Ohio.

7. Specialization
We specialize in Dehydrated Vegetables. They are not a secondary product line as they are with other companies.

8. Kosher Certified 
We are certified by NK (National Kashruth). They are a universally accepted Kosher organization.

9. Custom Blending 
We can meet your exact specifications. Rice, Soup, Stew and Seasoning Blends are our specialty.

10. Local Sales Force  
We have a network of professional food brokers located throughout the United States. Please contact us for the Sales Office nearest you.